Vanilla Coffee Syrup

     I love coffee syrup. I love it so much I carry mini jam jars with decanted syrup in to work. No coffee is the same without a splash of ginger, vanilla or caramel.

     This jam jar carrying obsession is encouraged by my work friend, Deena! During the Olympics we worked on the same team and were known for our decanting antics, passing jars around the office in order to get our fix.

     I'm a silly Soph, I never realised exactly how much sugar/additives/preservatives are in shop-bought coffee syrups. After finding this simple recipe on Elsie & Emma's site I have vowed to always make my own. I don't know why but I thought it'd be a lot more time consuming to make my own than it really is. This method only takes 2 minutes and tastes exactly like the real deal.
Vanilla syrup:
     225g granulated sugar
     250ml water
     1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Heat the water and sugar over a low heat, until the sugar has dissolved fully. 

Add the vanilla extract and stir.

Decant into any bottle/jar/dispenser you fancy. 

     I got a glass bottle with a secure lid from TK Maxx for £2. Empty jam jars could also work. Just make sure you work out how much syrup your jar/bottle/dispenser can hold. This recipe makes just less than 500ml, so double for a bigger bottle etc. 

     Yes, there's loads of sugar in this, but at least you know what exactly you're getting. Next time I'm going to try a sugar alternative like Stevia. I may even get a little adventurous and try making a caramel one.



  1. I LOVE vanilla syrup in my coffee, I'd never even thought of making my own. your photos in this post are stunning xo

    1. Thanks Hannah! It really is so simple to make, literally only takes two minutes and nothing fancy involved. Give it a go!! :) xx

  2. I am literally running to my kitchen now I so want this in my coffee, right now! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks Emma! Its so quick and easy to make, may try some caramel this weekend :)


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