Reeses Pieces Cookie Blondies

   I decided to do a little brownie experiment when baking some treats to take over to my brother's place for tea. Since my Reese's Pieces collection is forever growing I settled for a combination of peanut butter cookies and blondies layered together.

Carrot Cake Bundt

   This is another of my family recipes, this time for my Mum. Her favourite cake in bundt form with an orange drizzle. I took this over as my contribution to our family Sunday dinner and unsurprisingly none returned home with me!

Great British Food Magazine: Chocolate & Mackays Marmalade Devil's Food Cake

   I really enjoy Mackay's baking challenges and more so seeing what all the other food bloggers come up with. Although I've taken a strictly sweet approach to my recipes, other bloggers have come up with some fantastic ways of using jams and preserves in savoury dishes. Including a lemon and lime curd marinade for turkey from Lullabella's Kitchen.

Coffee & Nutella Doughnut Cake

Mini Marshmallow Cakes

   A very wet, cold and miserable week has just past. I figured that the only way to survive such a week was with marshmallows and cake.