My Favourite London Burgers: Part 2

A post that needs very little introduction. I love burgers, London loves burgers, so here's the sequel to my favourite London burgers part one. Think of part one as a beginners guide, and this will be your intermediate guide!

In no particular order...

Burger Bear: Grizzly Bear - cheeseburger topped with double oak smoked bacon & BB's bacon jam

Bacon fan? Burger Bear have you covered. Crispy bacon, oozing American cheese and super soft brioche. 

Bill or Beak: Chicken Caesar - grilled corn fed chicken, anchovy caesar dressing, parmesan, tempura capers

Hands down the best chicken burger and brioche in town. I don't know how they do it, but no brioche could ever compete with this. Perfectly tender chicken with lashings of parmesan, perfection. 

Mother Flipper: The Candy Bacon Special - aged beef patty, candy bacon, shoestring fries, American cheese, pickles, MF special sauce

My absolute favourite burger from the Mr Hyde's Burger Party. Candied brown sugar bacon and crispy shoestring fries are the perfect match for their special sauce and heaps of American cheese. I want all my burgers to be loaded with fries now. 

Ninth Ward: Braised beef brisket burger - 12 hour braised brisket, gravy soaked with dill pickles and onions

New kid on the block offering a great taste of the Americana. Starting with this braised brisket burger. Incredibly messy, and perfect with some loaded dirty chilli fries.

Dip n Flip: Dip n Flip burger - cheeseburger topped with sliced roast beef dunked in gravy

Unashamedly, when you Google images of Dip n Flip you'll find me. Burgers get bigger and messier here, topped with gravy dunked sliced beef and plenty of mustard. Anything is improved with gravy after all. So messy, people were given gloves to eat them with at Mr Hyde's party.

I have hesitations in calling this an intermediate guide, there maybe loads I haven't tried, but these are all pretty heavyweight contenders for some of the finger-licking good places in town.

Need more suggestions, try part one of my favourite London burgers or Beardy Mike's top 3, here.

Where shall I try next? I need burger recommendations...what can knock the socks off these guys?


  1. I've yet to visit Ninth Ward and that Dip n Flip burger looks stonking!

    Bukowski's Fat Gringo is a weekly staple for me and I've heard good revs about Hot Box's brunch burger.

    Honey x The Girl Next Shore

    1. These places are now on the list. Thanks Honey :) x

  2. These look sooo good. Definitely adding them to the list like right now, I do love dip and flip - everything is better with gravy right?! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  3. I think I'm going to cry. THIS IS AMAZING. I'm adding every single one of these to my list!!!

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog


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