My Favourite London Burgers

Meat Market | Dead Hippie burger                                           Honest Burger | Cheese burger 
Since the 'burger boom' at the start of the year I've been working on a list of my top burger restaurants in London. All in the name of research, obviously!

Whilst I can't claim to have tried them all, I have tried a fair few. And the more burgers I munch my way through, the longer my list gets.

So here's the start! Highly recommended and well known by many a Londoner they may be, but we'll call it 'A Beginners Guide to Burgers in London' for now!

First up is Patty & Bun, infamous for its all-day queues I fully believe it to be worth any wait. My favourite is their signature 'Ari Gold' with a gloriously juicy patty, the softest of brioche buns and smoky P&B mayo. They also do great rosemary salt chips and a choice of wings and thighs sides. Their first restaurant on James Street is just a short walk from Selfridges and a second one in Liverpool Street has recently opened up its doors to burger lovers.

Another competitor on the rosemary chips front is Honest Burger. They can be found scattered around town in a few locations now, always good to know a decent burger is never too far! My favourite is their new Market Place restaurant, just round the back of Oxford Street. The onion relish served in most burgers on the menu is incredible, as are the triple cooked rosemary chips and homemade lemonade, especially as it comes served in a jar.

Next up are brothers Meat Liquor and Meat Market. Meat Liquor may be confused with an occult-themed nightclub, dimly lit, graffitied walls and a Deep South vibe, just round the back of Oxford Street. All part of the atmosphere. My favourite burger is the Dead Hippie; two beef patties, American cheese, iceberg lettuce, dead hippie sauce, pickles and onions. The dead hippie sauce is incredible (unfortunately a close guarded secret recipe of theirs), like a smokey mayo...just better! If you're short on time, or even want to takeaway, Meat Market is the place to go. They offer the very same burgers, dogs and incredible milkshakes, just quicker. The smallest of the two can be found above the old Covent Garden market.

Bleecker St is another to look out for. A food truck that creeps its way round London serving NYC style burgers. Melt in the mouth aged British beef and American cheese are a winning combo. Currently they can be found in Dalston Yard on Friday and Saturdays. Check out their website to see what events you'll find them at also.

And there we have it, for now at least.

I'd love to hear any of your burger recommendations, not just London, from all over the country!

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  1. Ah I really can't get enough of Honest! I've heard Mother Flipper is a corker!

    1. It's good isn't it! Thanks for the recommendation, definitely putting it on the list!x

  2. The honest burger chips look like chippy chips! Wish I lived in London!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

    1. They do Hayley! But better! Really soft on the inside and crispy outside :)


    Patty & Bun is def my all-time fav! Have you tried Dip & Flip? So much chin-drippling goodness! x


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