Coconut and Lime Bundt

During my university years, my flat mates and I decided that we'd make our own coconut water. All the trendy drinks in the shops were far too expensive, and being students, we decided to be frugal.

I'd seen someone crack open a coconut before, how hard could it be?

How to: Hollandaise

Hollandaise step by step guide on Make A Gif
Not exactly the best thing to make to go with your Sunday brunch in a swelteringly hot kitchen. But I like to think its worth it, and I'm sure your eggs do too!

For a change, I made a little gif of the process - this includes all the mess I made and rescuing the too-hot mix with some ice cubes!

Coffee Hazelnut Amaretto Cake

This is the biggest cake I've made in a while. So big that I was too scared to transport it in the car over to my Mum's for her birthday. Although it now gives me the perfect excuse to buy another cake box especially for 3-tier cakes. Lakeland, I'm coming for you!

This cake is perfect for special occasions, a chocolate hazelnut sponge, amaretto coffee buttercream, chocolate meringue sand and a drizzle of chocolate ganache to finish.

Hello Fresh UK Review

Last week I tried out a Hello Fresh box to keep me going during a second week of night shifts at work. Although I had plenty of time in the afternoons to go food shopping, I decided to order in the box and let Hello Fresh do the hard work for me!

And here's how I got on...