How to: Hollandaise

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Not exactly the best thing to make to go with your Sunday brunch in a swelteringly hot kitchen. But I like to think its worth it, and I'm sure your eggs do too!

For a change, I made a little gif of the process - this includes all the mess I made and rescuing the too-hot mix with some ice cubes!

Hollandaise Sauce

2 eggs, room temperature
a splash of cold water
100g butter, chilled and cubed (I used Lurpak's clarified butter)
juice of half a lemon
salt and freshly ground black pepper

I like to get all tools and ingredients ready so that everything is on hand when making Hollandaise. It can be quite unforgiving!

Separate the eggs and place the yolks in a heatproof bowl. Whisk together with a splash of cold water until light and foamy.

Place over a pan of barely simmering water. Add a cube of butter and continue to whisk until melted.

Continue to add each butter cube one at a time, whisking until melted after each addition.

If the mixture gets too hot it will curdle. Don't panic! Take it off the heat and whisk in an ice cube to cool it down. If its really curdled then add another egg yolk and splash of water.

Once all the butter has melted, continue to whisk until it reaches ribbon stage. This means that when you lift your whisk the mixture streams off like a ribbon, i.e its thickened.

Remove from the heat, whisk in the lemon juice. Season and serve immediately.

If not for brunch, I also love Hollandaise over some freshly steamed asparagus or green beans.

Hollandaise on Make A Gif

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  1. GIF alert! :) I need to try hollandaise sauce again now - mine always split! I do have this butter already too but have only used in Indian recipes and to cook steak so far.

    1. Also love that jug! xx

    2. Love a GIF, although never made one until this! I'd had several failed attempts before but think this butter helps with the high burning point.


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