Raspberry & Rose Pavlova

When choosing what to bake for Mother's Day this weekend, I decided to pick a recipe from my trusty Mary Berry's Baking Bible. Having never made meringue (successfully) before, I decided a recipe from Aunt Bezza is one I could trust.

This meringue uses the Swiss method, the easiest of them all, and following Mary's steps the result is a crisp outer shell and marshmallowy centre. When having a little read up on meringue making, I found the most helpful article on 'How to make the perfect meringue' over at the Guardian. It breaks down all the components and gives you an insider view into how some of the big chefs make their own.
Raspberry & rose pavlova
(Recipe adapted from Mary Berry's Baking Bible)

     4 large egg whites
     225g caster sugar
     2 level teaspoons cornflour
     2 teaspoons white wine vinegar

For the filling:
     300ml whipping cream or double cream, whipped
     1 teaspoon rose extract
     2 tablespoon raspberry jam
     300g fresh raspberries
     scattering of freeze dried raspberries (optional)
  • Heat the oven to 160 degrees. Lay a sheet of baking parchment on a baking tray and mark a 23cm circle on it. (I found it easiest to use a cake tin for this, or a plate). 
  • Put the egg whites into a large bowl and whisk until stiff and cloud like. Add the sugar a spoonful at a time, whisking well after each addition, until all the sugar has been added. Blend the cornflour and white wine vinegar together and whisk into the meringue mixture. 
  • Spread the meringue out to cover the circle in the baking parchment, building up the sides so they are higher than the middle. Place in the oven but immediately reduce the temperature to 150 degrees. 
  • Bake for about 1 hour until firm to the touch and a pale beige colour. Turn the oven off and allow the pavlova to become cool whilst still in the oven. If you keep the door closed you will encourage a more marshmallowy meringue.
  • Remove the cold pavlova and slide gently onto a serving plate.
  • Fold through the rose extract and raspberry jam into the whipped cream. Top the pavlova with the whipped cream and raspberries. Chill in the fridge 1 hour before serving.
Now to find a use for the leftover egg yolks!

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