#OnkenTips Instagram Recipe Book

Whether in meals, snacks or baking, I love using yogurt to give recipes a healthy little boost. Working with Onken over the past few years has been a great way of learning about yogurt and also finding tasty alternatives to butter and milk.

Some of my favourite 'dollops of difference' for weekdays are adding yogurt to mashed potato to make it extra creamy and to make a great chicken marinade with a spoon of tikka paste mixed with yogurt. Healthy too!

Last week Onken released their #OnkenTips Cookbook, the UK's first crowdsourced Instagram cookbook. Yogurt lovers from across the country have shared their favourite ways of using Onken.

For more inspiration, the #OnkenTips Instagram Cookbook can be found online here.

Here's a sneak peak of the inside...

Whether it's my lemon and blueberry yogurt loaf, Miss Mamo's garlic bread or Nicole's yogurt satay sauce, there's some great tips in the book. Take a look for a dollop of yogurt inspiration!

This post is in collaboration with Onken.


  1. First stop Onken cookbook, next SophieLovesFood own brownie book.


  2. Get you, all published and sassy britches! Love it x


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