Cook it Forward with Hello Fresh

The best way to anyone's heart is through their stomach, or so I've found.

In the run up to turkey day its the present buying, boozing and preparations that take centre stage. There's so much time spent on the 25th itself, stockpiling goose fat, finding perfect sausages for pigs in blankets and the best way to cook sprouts.

We tend to forget about the rest of the month and my favourite part of the festive season, family, friends (and food). So the team at Hello Fresh have launched a Christmas campaign to 'Cook it Forward' by encouraging us to cook for others. Because? A whopping 50% of the UK have never cooked for others.

Not only will cooking for friends, family, charities or even your office get you mega brownie points, it's a great way of just simply spending time together.

Avoid fighting for a car parking space in the supermarket and queuing for a checkout, this is where Hello Fresh comes up trumps. No stress, just order your box and all the ingredients will come with easy to follow recipe cards.

So, grab your favourite humans and ply them with food, pop open a nice bottle of fizz and enjoy catching up with each other.

These Caribbean spicy sausages with roasted veggies and mash was the perfect Sunday dinner. Very little preparation needed, just chop some veg, pour over sauce and leave to roast leaving you plenty of time to make (or drink) some mulled wine.

For more information about Hello Fresh and their wonderful Cook it Forward campaign, take a look here. There's still time to order a box before Christmas! (Or even take a look at their archive of recipes for inspiration).

I was sent a complimentary box as part of the campaign, but love HF so much that myself and my family regularly order boxes for simple midweek meals. 

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  1. If 50% of the UK have never cooked for others... that means half of us are cooking for the other half? I think I'm happy with the half I'm in ;)


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