A little trip to Yorkshire

   A little bit of a different post today. I haven't been away for a while so was very excited to spend a few days in Yorkshire and as there was lots of eating, I thought I'd share a few pictures.
   On arrival I was happy to find that our room had a comfy little window snug overlooking Bay Tree Farm. I got very used to afternoon tea in this spot. And rather than overseeing traffic for my day job, I enjoyed observing the horse movements clip clopping down the road. Much more civilised!
      The farm is located near the grounds of Fountains Abbey. When they say 'a great day out' on their website, they really mean it. It took a good 90 minutes to walk (the long way round) from the farm to one of the southern gates of the abbey's grounds. The overgrown grass and bugs eating my legs alive didn't help so much.
   On the next day we paid Betty a little visit in Harrogate...and in York of course! I even got myself a fat little rascal to takeaway as an evening snack. Definitely will have to try making some myself now.
   There were lots of views to be seen and pictures to be taken in Grassington. I attempted to get too close to a sheep for a close up photo, before realising a walker was laughing at me...said sheep was 'using the bathroom'.
   He looked convincingly innocent!
   No trip 'up North' is complete without pie. I chose Skipton Pie and Mash Shop's Homity pie. I also chose a selection of pork pies to bring back for my Grandad from J. Stanforth's.
   In attempts to walk off all the pie and mash we drove towards the dales to Bolton Abbey. Thankfully I managed to keep my snazzy new trainers dry on the stepping stones. The children's activity trail through the woods was quite exhausting so I made an executive decision to stop for an energy top up before making the return journey...
   Two scoops of honeycomb and caramel please!
   And now I'm home, rested and ready to do some baking and perhaps thinking about going back to work on Monday!

   I can't recommend Bay Tree Farm enough, Val was very welcoming and kindly sent me home with a dozen eggs from happy countryside eggs for baking. Thank you!

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