Review: Kerb, Southbank

Donostia Social Club - seared scallops with pisto and green chilli sauce
When the sun is shining, one of my favourite places to be in London is near the river. Combine this with friends, food and a few drinks and it can't get much better.

For a few weekends this summer, Southbank is hosting Kerb and all 13 of their traders. The next weekend they will be around is 4-6th September, so get your appetites ready.

Donostia Social Club - goats cheese with balsamic and strawberry
To start, Persephone, Flick and I went for some tapas from Donostia Social Club. The aim was to start small and work our way through as many of the traders as we could.

I really do wish that the guys at Donostia could park their van up outside my flat and feed me all day long. Those seared scallops were incredible and anyone that's generous with cheese is a winner to me.

Next up, a round of Camden Hells and a Kamm & Sons Spritz for me.

Bill or Beak - chicken caesar burger
Unfortunately, my burger soulmate (Bleecker St) was closed for maintenance on the weekend we went, so I was forced to try another burger. 

Absolutely, hands down, without a doubt the best chicken burger I've had. Bill or Beak's chicken caesar bun with plenty of parmesan, tempura capers and the BEST brioche bun I've ever set my chops on. I did not want this to end!

Bill or Beak - shredded duck and pork burger
For research purposes, I coerced Flick into lending me a few bites of her shredded duck and pork burger - tempura shallots, spring onions, chilli and plenty of coriander. I wouldn't usually go for duck, but this is incredibly tender and I loved the crunch of the tempura shallots.

Bill or Beak - chicken caesar burger
We hadn't initially set out to complete the Ker-bingo challenge. But with so many different traders to try, we couldn't resist. The aim is to get 5 stamps from different traders in order to get a 6th meal or drink free. Alternatively, for a full house, you can bring 5 friends back to another Kerb weekend and you'll all get a free meal.

In order make some room for more food we set off for a stroll along the river...

...took plenty of photos and came to the conclusion we'd all been ultra savvy in choosing for outfits with lots of room for food!

Ice Kitchen - Mojito & raspberry and lime ice lollies
The sun was shining down on us, with not even a breeze coming in from the water. Ice Kitchen was the perfect palate cleanser. Perhaps not for Flick after I made her eat the lime wedge in the centre of her Mojito lolly. Persephone played it safe with raspberry and lime (to match her lipstick obv).

Anna Mae's - The Don Macaroni
Persephone well and truly passed her initiation (not really, anyone can come eat with us!) but was seriously impressed when she went full out for her final order of mac n cheese from Anna Mae's - The Don Macaroni, mac n pesto, crispy bacon and basil oil.

Born and Raised - pepperoni pizza
Flick and I shared our final meal, so I opted for a pepperoni pizza from Born and Raised, sourdough pizzas made in the back of a Land Rover on a wood-fired oven, pretty epic.

Slightly more messy to share, but so worth it, Flick chose a beef burrito from Kimchinary for us. Ain't no party like a kimchi fried rice party that's for sure.

Feeling a little like extras in Gossip Girl we sat on the steps and traded yogurt for carbs, digging into each others and getting covered in kimchi and cheese. Its a hard life.

And just because I cannot control myself and say not to food. On the way back to Waterloo I stopped in Yo! Sushi to try their latest YOLO, the Japple Pie. Hot apple and vanilla gyozas, black sesame ice cream, chocolate pocky, rapsberry crumble in a waffle cone with a miso salted caramel syringe. Incredible!

Kerb will be returning to Southbank 4 - 6th September, find out more here.

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  1. Oh man reliving this is killing me. Oh so hungry for another Bill & Beak Burger. Also major point, those sandals have got to go, I look ridiculous.

    1. *Ahem* this is a positive-only community. Please leave your negativity and sandals at the door...only Woking. There's nothing wrong with them. You look sassy-pants-fly x

  2. I love London food festivals and Kerb looks fab, thanks for sharing your food pics Sophie :) That Jappel Pie looks crazy good!

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

  3. Wow I am drooling like a good 'un! Still not made it to Kerb yet!

  4. WOW, I need to get over to Kerb ASAP - everything looks sensational, particularly the duck and pork burger and I love the sound of the kimchi burrito! Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea's Passions

  5. The Bill & Beak burgers look amazing and are probably the most interesting takes on burgers I've ever seen! That ice cream, tho... O.O

  6. Ah I've been meaning to go there, the food looks reeeally good!! xx

  7. Those burgers look amazing, and so do your sandals. Also loving the back of Flick's dress #babing


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