Review: Tanya's Cafe, Chelsea

Tanya's Cafe in Chelsea is gorgeous. Filled the brim with flowers, greenery and positive affirmations (from the plants) if that's the sort of boost you're looking for. Everything on the menu is raw and ethically sourced. Sounds good, right?

I popped over for a sunny afternoon with Emily for a catchup. First up, we both ordered a matcha latte (£8.95) - my first ever! Honestly, I wasn't convinced. It tasted fatty and had bits in. I wouldn't have minded if it was dry lumps of matcha powder that hadn't fully mixed, but it seemed to have more woody pieces in. I made an initial attempt at drinking through my teeth (given the price tag, I thought I needed to give it a fair chance). But I gave up shortly, the meaty taste wasn't worth it.
For food, Emily went for the California Rolls, a raw version of her sushi favourite - nori roll, sunflower rice, avocado, cucumber, carrot, walnut meat, sprouts and a tahini dip. They looked seriously impressive; bright and colourful and a good size for lunch/light dinner.

I went for the Superfood Salad - broccoli, grapefruit and watermelon with a creamy lemon dressing. The menu has changed since our visit, I seem to remember this being around £13. It was nice, particularly the dressing, but for me I don't think a plate of leaves and raw veggies is quite worth the money.

To finish, we both opted for a chocolate hazelnut tart from the fridge of dairy, gluten and refined sugar free fridge. A nutty base, nutella-esque middle and crumbly topping. Its not overly sweet but definitely nice to have something almost guilt free for dessert. They do homemade peanut butter cups too, which are great to take away and keep in your bag for snacking.

Curious to try as much as possible, we also ordered a juice to takeaway (£6.35) - I was still a little hungry so this helped to fill me up on the train home (more due to my incredibly large appetite!). I'm going to be honest and say that I was perhaps a little disappointed to see that these are pre-made, bottled up and sitting in a fridge. I'd perhaps prefer something freshly made with a few add-ins if needed.

In total, everything totted up to £32 each (plus service). 

You know what? It is expensive for a lunch. But we'd both seen the menu and decided we were still up for trying it as something a little different. 

So yes, I'll pay £13 for a salad and £6 for a juice from time to time. But I was a little disappointed to see that their smaller café in Parsons Green has slightly different prices. A matcha latte is £4.35 instead of £8.95 and salads £6-7 instead of £11-13. Juices and smoothies are still the same.

I think Tanya's is a great place for those with limited diets/allergies; somewhere perhaps where you don't have to worry about the menu and whether there's going to be something you can eat or not. 

I'm not ruling out going back again for a regular latte and some peanut butter cups. But, can someone could explain why the prices differ between cafés? 

Find Emily's thoughts on our lunch, here.
Find out more on Tanya's Cafe on their beautiful webstite, here.

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All views are my own. Emily and I paid for our lunches and were not asked to write this.

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  1. The cafe itself looks lovely and a relaxing place to be in, but it does seem very pricey. A bottled juice at £6.35 seems quite steep! I love a matcha latte, I make them at home quite a bit but mine don't have lumps in! I wander what they put in it. I have to say the food looks very good and the chocolate tart especially but I'm not totally convinced at those prices. xx

    1. I'm almost tempted to try another matcha, just in case! Maybe I'll go to the Parsons Green one though!x

  2. I agree, I thought the cafe was cute and the food was nice but I thought over priced for raw vegetables, though equally I would go back :)
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

    1. Exactly Angie! Not bad for a treat every now and then but couldn't make a habit of going there too often x

  3. I've been wanting to try it for ages but the prices do put me off! Maybe I'll go to the Parsons Green one. Your pics look lovely though!

  4. Hmmm... I've been wanting to try Tanya's Café for a while but it's the other side of town to me so have been stalling. I think those prices are pretty ridiculous tbh - £9 for a LATTE?? Still, the food does look good. We shall see! :) Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea's Passions

  5. At least the dessert wasn't a disappointment :) I'd definitely do a double-take if I saw the price for that salad. It's a little weird that the prices differ by location (and I'm assuming/hoping the portions aren't smaller in Parsons Green). Hmm... That sushi looks good though.

  6. Wow that seems really expensive, even if it is so pretty!!!

    Rosie xx

  7. It all looks so pretty! I'm still not really sold on matcha yet, think I need to try some more things with it in! xx

  8. Those prices are ridiculous. If I'm paying the best part of a tenner for a drink it had better be a cocktail and even then I'm giving it side eye to make sure it behaves. However, I guess I'm the kind of person that goes out for 'a treat' and expects extra gluten ;)


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