12 Instagram Feeds to Follow for Foodies

Instagram is probably one of my most favourite, and most visited apps. I like to flick through my feed and the explore tab approximately eleventy million times a day. Its great for productivity...who am I kidding? Its great for ideas and inspiration. Most of the accounts I follow are food related so I thought I'd share some of my favourites, the ones that get the most double taps from me!

I never thought I'd love the look of vegan food so much. Bright and wholesome, I could get lost scrolling through for hours. Maya makes me feel like I can cook vegan too.

Berlin-based Marta posts her breakfast and travel snaps. Your porridge has never looked so boring. She also has some great city guides on her blog with incredible photos. You see that burger? Of course its ok to have a burger for breakfast. I won't judge.

Don't be fooled by the name, Amy is super talented. Plenty of cookies and gorgeously decorated cakes. Those cookies? Yep, there's a lot of them. Its like she knows exactly what I want to see.

Full of London, great baking and street food. Simon's feed is what I daydream of most days. Those brownies for example...incredible. He's been getting festive with gingerbread recently and I can't wait to see more.

I'm totally envious of everything Nicole bakes and I'm not even scared to say it. Not only has she got the most amazing blog name, her photos are awesome! Themed cupcakes and real showstoppers, find me someone who wouldn't one of those birthday cakes.

Claire's feed will leave you craving pretty food. Everything looks perfect, wholesome and so much better than your dinner. Her feed is the first place I saw matcha butter and cinnamon spiced carrots. Come and feed me please Claire?

My ultimate favourite Instagram feed. Be warned, this will make you feel like your meals and photos aren't good enough. Rebecca has a way of capturing everything in such an organic, natural way. She also has a great hand model which makes me think of how useful it could be having an extra pair of hands for photos every now and then!

Plenty of doughnuts, cookies and cupcakes. Kathryn makes proper food, no garish colours or anything artificial, just the way it should be. Most are gluten free with recipes featured on her blog.

Magda is queen of the flat lays. I never knew that just octopus or vegetables could look so great. Again, no frills which is exactly how food should be. 

Megan, Queen of emojis, is the sassiest of my Instagram feed. Food with eyes, bright colours and awesome snacks. Her profile picture is her wearing a burger tshirt, eating a burger...we're soul mates.

Google translates this to 'everyday happiness', so sweet. Norway-based Lise posts frequent photos of stunning interiors and cakes. I'm totally envious of her little country kitchen and would love to DIY a blue sideboard just like hers/

Megan's bio: "I make things, I photograph them, I eat them." My hero. Plenty of chocolate and pastry and not to mention that her photos are just beautiful. She's pretty badass, she rides a big motorbike and bakes.

So that's it, my top 12 Instagram foodies! 

And whilst we're on the subject, besides the surge in spam followers I've had recently, Frankie's guide to Instagram is pretty helpful. She covers everything from hashtags to scheduling so well worth a read.

Let me know who your favourite Instagrammers are, I'm sure I can find even more time in my day to do some more double tapping!

Image credits to all the Instragrammers linked. I've also taken their blog names where appropriate.


  1. Some of them even had cat photos! The Mayfairy approves. XD

  2. Love this post! I'm always looking out for new foodie instagram accounts to follow (no such thing as too many food pics!) so this is perfect. I actually don't think I'm following any of these yet - will get on it asap :)


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