Review: Burger Bear and Prawnography at the Magic Roundabout, Old Street

I like to think of Old Street roundabout as an octopus. All those exits are just so confusing. But with the promise of burgers, cocktails and a catch up with good friends I hopped to it and battled my way through the tube station. 

Perhaps a little disclaimer is needed. When visiting the Magic Roundabout, there is absolutely no need to engage with the battle of exits. Just head up the station steps, to the left and follow the sound of music to the entrance. Just look how happy Flick was to have made it!

The roundabout itself is home to a pop-up street food market for the summer. There you will find the likes of Burger Bear and Prawnography, some music and a bar.

The main attraction for me was Burger Bear, a shipping container burger bar funded through a Kickstarter campaign last year. A place that's been on my list for some time.  You'll find them dotted around town at Stokey Bears (Stoke Newington), Peckham (The Old Nuns Head) and in their HQ at Magic Roundabout.

Behold the Grizzly Bear: a cheeseburger topped with double oak smoked bacon and Burger Bear's bacon jam, delivered to your salivating chops in a brioche bun. As you can see, Grizzly cause quite a stir amongst the girls.

The perfect sized patty, pink, crispy smokey bacon and bacon jam that oozes out with each bite.

Flick was a little jealous that she'd had to wait for her own meal from Prawnography and had to watch me devour the Grizzly. I offered to share my chips to ease her hunger pangs whilst she waited eagerly, camera in hand.

For Flick and Gianni, a rather large Spider Crab was presented from Prawnography. Prawnography brings fresh sea food from our coasts to the trendy Magic Roundabout-goers. On the night, the BBQ in the fisherman's hut wasn't quite warm enough so the girls waited with great anticipation for things to warm and for Mr Crabby to be cooked (whilst watching the bacon jam from my burger drip down my face). As a reward for their staying power, the Prawnography bunch kindly bought over some scallops wrapped in bacon fresh of the grill (my turn to be envious).

Here, Gianni takes the first whack of a leg and splatters both Frankie and I in crabmeat. I'm sure there's worse things in life. Although I'm not sure Frankie will ever live it down.

And as for drinks, by 7pm one of the cocktails had sold out, so seemingly popular. Between us we covered the rest of the cocktails they did have on offer. At £8 each I think its a fair price for the area, just unfortunately needed a little more alcohol in.

Take a visit to the Magic Roundabout and reward yourself for braving the tube station exits.

To find out more about Burger Bear, take a look here. Or here for Prawnography.

Its probably worth noting that during the evenings you're looking at a burger-disco situation. If you're meeting a friend to have a long catch up, take a megaphone or write secret notes to each other. But either way, the food will be worth it.

Find my gorgeous gal pals here: Flick, Frankie and Gianni, they're a mega talented bunch and Frankie's review is a good laugh (here).

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  1. I think you should retitle this post #NeverForget. Frankie will never forget the crab situation she'll be bringing it up everytime we meet for the rest of the lives, using it to bargain with me and Gianni for favours. And I'll never forget you called me your gorgeous friends FDBloggersFL like BFFL but more exclusive.

    1. #neverforget you GBFFL x

    2. To be fair I doubt I've ever forgotten a crab situation. Ever. If it gets real enough to become a situation and there's a crab involved I'm remembering it.

  2. I WANT TO GO TO PRAWNOGRAPHY!! So so much- been drooling over the pics on their twitter for weeks now xx

  3. I already saw the crab on Frankie's blog, it's very scary! Looks like a fun place though :)
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  4. Ooo this sounds like such fun!! WIll deffoes have to head over :) Although I would be absolutely torn between the burger and that spider crab!!! Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea's Passions

  5. Flick TOTALLY splattered you guys with crab guts more than I did. I do remember getting you guys good though :D Fun times!

    1. Yes, you were much more controlled with your quest for crab. I thank you for that.

  6. THAT BURGER THOUGH. Also prawnography will never stop making me chuckle. When I next come to London for a catch up pleeeease invite these guys too xx

    1. Yes definitely! We can have a blogger meet up :)
      I can't get over the name either. I feel silly saying it like a child haha!x


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