Review: Hide and Seed, Putney

This review is perhaps a little overdue. But I've been thinking a lot about my favourite burgers recently, naturally, and realised I'd missed this gem. 

Alex from Zomato kindly offered me voucher to try Hide and Seed in Putney knowing full well how much I love burgers.

Located just 5 minutes walk from East Putney station on the district line, or 15 minutes walk from Putney High Street, Hide and Seed is part of Lodge Hotel. The restaurant itself is situated on the ground floor, just off the lobby. The elegant dining room has a relaxed library style and a wall of black and white sporting photos, all very modern (if a little dark).

Whilst perusing the menu I ordered a cocktail from the bar. I'd like to say that it had bourbon, raspberry and prosecco in, but since I have the memory of a goldfish and there's no trace of their cocktail list online, I can't say for certain. The drinks list is quite substantial in terms of the bar's own cocktails and some classics.

We opted to get stuck into the mains straight away and both went for burgers. For boy, the hide burger (£14.50) and for me the seed burger (£12.50). Boy's hide burger was an 8oz patty with homemade BBQ sauce and a brioche bun. I managed to steal a few bites! It was cooked perfectly medium with a good balance of BBQ sauce. There was no doubt this patty was freshly made and hand formed. I'd definitely go back to enjoy one to myself.

In order to try something different (I do love my beef burgers) I opted for the veggie equivalent. The 'burger' itself was a little disappointing; breaded potato, carrots and peas. But the toppings made up for it. The burger was covered in a generous serving of melted cheese and the bun loaded with some fresh leaves, avocado slices, onion and gherkins. There was some of their homemade BBQ sauce but I feel that it could have done with something punchier, like a chilli jam. Not necessarily a bad thing, but when I say the bun was loaded with extras, it really was. This is the first burger I have ever eaten fully with a knife and fork, far too messy to pick up. Perhaps the bun could have been bigger to allow for the generous amount of toppings?

Onto dessert, we both had our eye on the same thing; chocolate textures (£7.50). But, in the name of research, I ordered the Pink Panther cake (£7.50) for myself allowing Boy the chocolate honour.

Boy's chocolate textures was served on a small slate tile, scattered with a few different components: layered chocolate mousse, a chocolate profiterole and chocolate crumbs and was decorated with fruit and chocolate work. There was a lot going on! Again, I stole a little taster. The mousse was a good balance of light and rich between the layers and the presentation was great.

I have mixed feelings about my Pink Panther cake. Again, the presentation was outstanding. There was plenty of fresh fruit, a drizzle of coulis, some shortbread crumbs, a scoop of homemade ice cream and even some spun sugar. The cake itself was a gorgeous looking 3 layer sponge, sandwich between fresh cream and had a pink frosting topping. The sponge perhaps wasn't as light and fluffy as it could have been; perhaps had been stored in the fridge and had left it a little dry. The pink frosting was a little too sweet but there wasn't too much of it and the ice cream always helps.

We visited late in the afternoon, 5pm, on a Friday and it was completely empty. I'd have expected a few people to be at least seated for Friday afternoon drinks, but there was only a small group sat at the bar itself just round the corner. I'm sure it would have picked up as the evening went on, especially with restaurants south of the river becoming increasingly more popular.

It did mean that, as hungry as we were, we got through our meal quickly and enjoyed an early evening stroll through town. The waiter was very friendly and attentive with just us to serve.

I'd definitely recommend Hide and Seed to anyone looking for cocktails and/or burgers in the area. The hide burger in particular. I should imagine its also a good restaurant for hotel guests fancying some of their small plates, or perhaps a wine and cheese board night cap.

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Zomato kindly offered me complimentary vouchers to go which was a lovely gesture. All views are my own - I was not asked to feature this on my blog, just wanted to recommend cocktails and burgers!

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  1. Ah awesome this is pretty close by for me but I've never been! The burgers and desserts both look really good. Can't go past a good burger! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. The drinks are amazing, definitely recommend x

  2. It looks like you had a much better experience than we did, despite there being a couple of minor disappointments with the vege burger and your pink panther (what a name though!). It was also very quiet (i.e. empty) when we went and though we had wonderful service, the food just fell a little flat!

    1. It was empty when we were there too, other than the bar bit round the corner. Hopefully it picks up! I think the drinks were great :)


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