Sundried Tomato and Paprika Houmous

Recently I've been a houmous fiend. I've been dunking everything in it and smearing it over my salads and pittas. My favourites being the smokey piri piri ones or something with large chickpea chunks and pine nuts. My work lunches have got a little more Mediterranean each time the sun makes an appearance. Plenty of olives and feta too. 

After a recent Pinterest binge I had the full realisation of just how versatile houmous can be. THIS pin shows a whole heap of different beans and toppings you can use from black beans to edamame and beetroot. And not only that, you don't really need a recipe or measurements. So with some sundried-ish tomatoes and paprika lurking around I set to work...for all of two minutes!

Simply drain a can of chickpeas and chuck in a blender. I added around 80-90g of sundried tomatoes, 2 tbsp olive oil, 2 tbsp lemon juice and a few spoons of paprika to taste. In my case, lashings.

To mix things up, you could use cannellini beans instead, roasted peppers or even avocado.

Besides the simplicity and speed, I'm a full homemade houmous convert now. I'll be chucking in everything I can find at the start of the week and snacking away al desko from now on!


  1. Om nom. I looove hommous! It is so good to just sit and dip veges into. Sainsburys has a really smooth, obviously full of fat version and it is just divine!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. We love hommous! One of our favourite dishes is actually Falafel and hommous :)
    We definitely need to try your recipe!
    XoXo Leni & Marlena

  3. This looks incredible! I absolutely love hummus but have never made it from scratch before! I'm most definitely going to finally give it a go just so I can have this delicious hummus in the house!

    xx, Caitlin


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