Cookie Girl Decorating Class

   On Saturday morning I ventured through the snow to a Cookie Girl decorating class in Kensal Green.  The 2 hour decorating class, lead by Ro, demonstrated to a table full of pinny-clad girls 4 different cupcake frosting techniques; the classic swirl, a rose, iced jems and two tone swirls.
   To decorate the iced cupcakes, the table was full of every type of glitter, flowers, stars, hearts and confetti imaginable. I came to the conclusion, less IS NOT more!
Classic swirl, rose, iced gem and two tone swirl.
   All equipment and ingredients are provided in the class including boxes to take 8 sugary little treats home. I had a voucher for this class from my brother and his ladyfriend, thanks Tom & April!!


  1. Awwh this sounds like so much fun! I love icing cupcakes I did for my food tech GCSE and only got a D LOL! Embarrassing.

    Jamie-Lee|Glitter Infatuation Beauty Blog! x

    1. Practice makes perfect! Feel a bit more confident after this class :)

  2. Think they look great, things like this make such great presents x


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